We believe in positive coaching to instill and develop confidence, leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship in every one of our athlete’s, both on the volleyball court and in life’s court. 

​We focus on praising our players for everything from hard work at practice to being true team players, leaders and for their successes. We focus heavily on building up their confidences through positive reinforcement instead of intimidation as a means of motivation.

We provide the best opportunity for our athletes who love the game of volleyball and wish to excel on the court, and prepare them for an ultimate goal of competing at the collegiate level.

We focus on developing fundamental and technical volleyball skills to maximize individual talents, instructing smart decision-making and tournament game strategies, complementing the teams’ specific abilities, and forming the most competitive team they can be.

We foster an environment in which our athletes receive positive instruction, experience challenging competition, and learn valuable life skills, including commitment, collaboration, adaptability, interpersonal communication, leadership, individual and team contributions, and sportsmanship--all of which will help them beyond the volleyball court.

Sportsmanship AND Teamsmanship are required above all else – respect for themselves, their teammates, parents and coaches, their opponents and referees – ALWAYS!