practice philosophy


Our athletes will be complete volleyball players. With this focus, our training is structured so that each player learns every facet of the game. They learn every skill needed to play any position. We want all of our athletes to be able to play any position with confidence and skill. You never know what position you will end up playing in high school or college. The more well rounded, adept and familiar with all positions makes our players more versatile and valuable to the team.

Athletes fail to reach their full potential if they don’t enjoy themselves while they practice, train and compete. Practices typically are structured so they learn while competing and playing with each other. They learn offensive and defensive strategies and the communication skills needed for the team to achieve a high level of success.

​We always spend a good part of practice playing games rather than just doing single skill drills. Research shows players better hone their skills when they practice just like they play. We structure practices on ‘game day’ scenarios. Most of all, playing is fun!